We Owe

It To Egypt

We Owe it to Egypt

The We Owe it to Egypt Foundation was established by AAIB in January 2007 as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program and registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity (No.6767). AAIB covers all the foundation’s administrative and overhead costs and accordingly all contributions made to the foundation are used to fund its projects.

We Owe it to Egypt is backed by a practical experience of diligent work and dedicated efforts undertaken by AAIB since January 2004 when it started the renovation of Cairo University Specialized Pediatrics Hospital (CUSPH). Support was not limited only to funding quality infrastructure but also upgrading some of the hospital's services and providing human resources development opportunities.

Our Vision

We Owe it to Egypt is a call for collective action; an invitation for corporations and individuals nationwide to build our generation's legacy and earn a chapter in history about our incessant and sincere attempts as organizations to make a difference. As our vision and mission grow, we realize that we need to involve of Egyptians to create the nation of our dreams.

Our Mission

We strive to pool patriotic resources together and establish centers of excellence in health and education while facilitating means for stakeholders to contribute to sustainable development in both sectors.

Our Goal

We aim to promote a better quality of life through the creation of centers of excellence in health and education and to establish a credible system for mobilizing and channeling resources towards these sectors. We hope to motivate future generations to contribute to the development of Egypt.

For more information about We Owe it to Egypt, please visit the foundation's website www.oweegypt.org