Debt Finance

Discounting Finance

Our limited or non-recourse discounting finance is an alternative finance structure extended to real estate developers through which AAIB provides immediate liquidity through discounting cheques for delivered units at an agreed discount rate which is set at prevailing market rates taking into consideration the quality of the client’s cheques portfolio and collections history.

An escrow account is established at a pre-determined percentage holding funds for any defaulting cheque until full settlement of debts.

Developer Finance

This is another financing structure AAIB offers real estate developers to partially finance their construction costs. An account is set up for the project and funded by all project inflows including developer equity contributions, extended medium-term facilities and sales proceeds.

Disbursement from the account will be done according to verified progress billings from an independent engineering consultant hired by AAIB and the developer’s certified cash flow statements. 

DVP Finance

Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) is a structured product for brokerage firms allowing them to finance the gap between transaction execution and settlement on the Egyptian Exchange, capitalizing on AAIB’s full spectrum of custody and book keeping services. 

Contractors Finance

Contractor/Contract finance allows AAIB to provide financing for our client’s contracted work. Based on contract specifics and the client’s track record, AAIB extends this type of finance backed by assigning contract payments to the bank.

Leasing Based Finance

AAIB can finance or refinance existing leasing contracts to supplement a leasing companies’ liquidity to allow for further growth.

This is a transaction-based finance structure and is carried out in accordance with the specifics of the leasing contract whereby the required collateral will depend on the type of underlying leased asset and the ultimate obligor cash flow capacity.