Equity Fund

Arab African International Bank - Shield Equity Fund


Shield is an open-end equity fund that invests primarily in Egyptian equities publicly traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. The fund offers long-term capital appreciation and aims to maximize growth of capital on the medium and long-term.


Fund Benefits:

  • Lucrative Returns: An opportunity to realize capital growth of invested funds on the medium and long run
  • Combining Value and Growth: The fund seeks out value and growth by attempting to capture all components of return over time, including high dividend yield, earnings growth and possible market re-rating
  • Convenience & Flexibility: Purchasing a single certificate in the fund would provide you with a simple, convenient and fast method of investing in a diversified portfolio of securities
  • Risk Diversification: The fund’s professional management invests in a broad range of blue-chip Egyptian stocks, which limits the investment risk
  • Liquidity: Immediate access to the shares in the fund. On daily basis you can easily purchase or withdraw (redeem) shares at its published NAV through AAIB’s widespread branch network​


Fund Features:

  • Subscription and redemption are held at all AAIB branches
  • Daily subscription and redemption until 12:00 pm
  • Minimum initial investment of 5 certificates
  • NAV is published every Sunday in Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper


For more information
call 19555 (24 h / 7 days) or +202 26733107