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"Payroll Salary in Advance" Program
Benefit from a facility limit up to 90% from your monthly salary, which you can reuse monthly, with zero interest rate, an easy process, and without cancellation or settlement fees. 


You can meet your sudden and unexpected needs and mitigate your financial burdens with zero interest rate
Use your salary before it is credited to your account in any day of the month.


AAIB offers Payroll Salary in Advance Program with limit up to 90% of your monthly salary to meet your financial plans

You can overdraft your personal account against your salary to benefit from the  revolving feature of the service with the easiest process.
Payroll Salary in Advance is a credit faciltiy limit that can be directly used through Arab African International Bank ATMs network
Settlement will be automatically done through the upcoming salary with the ability to  reuse the limit.


The program is offered to Arab African International Bank payroll customers



  • Limit up to 90% of monthly salary, with minimum limit EGP 1,000 and maximum limit of EGP 100,000 with 0% interest rate
  • Direct withdrawal from AAIB ATMs network
  • No Cancellation or settlement fees
  • Settlement will be automatically done through the upcoming salary while the limit can be used again, in case you don’t request to cancel the service
  • Competitive admin fees only on the outstanding balance

Required Documents

  • Copy of a valid national identification card
  • Payroll Salary in Advance application from your nearest branch

 * Terms and Conditions apply