Arab African International Bank - Cycling Day

Sports is one of the most important aspects in life given that it’s a source of entertainment, stress reliever and a great way to maintain one’s health. Sports is also a great form of exercise which makes us a lot more energetic throughout our day.

Arab African International Bank organized a sports day for cycling for employees. The Bank’s objective is to show the importance of sports and its role in boosting employees’ motivation and energy levels in activities and work as well as developing an internal culture of solidarity and loyalty. Participants experienced a joyful ride alongside the Nile which started from the Head Office premises in Garden City and ended at Platform in Maadi where they had breakfast in a warm family environment.

A healthy mind in a healthy body, is a saying we have been hearing and repeating since childhood in our schools and universities. Now we have to add that a healthy body is equal to the productivity of the mind to new ideas and innovations that serve the community.